Roseville Becomes the First City in Minnesota to Ban the Sale of Cats and Dogs in Stores

March 31, 2017 2 Comments

On Monday, March 13th, the Roseville City Council voted to ban the sale of cats and dog at local pets stores. This decision was fueled by both citizens and animal lovers. The only pet store affected by this decision in the area is Har Mar Pet Shop. The staff at the pet shop are disappointed in the city council's decision according to report done by WCCO (CBS Minnesota). 

I've bought a dog from a pet store before. Yes, it was a total impulse buy. I'm walking through the mall with my Mom and Dad and we swing by the pet shop to "just take a look." Then I saw him.

Two big brown eyes stare back at me from inside the glass. He's a tiny thing, barely longer than the size of my hand, and is currently being crushed by the much larger puppy tackling him to the floor. In my mind I had to rescue him. I ask if we could get him.

My Dad says, "If you want him then buy him."

My eyes stare down at the price tag. $600. It's a steep price, but I was sixteen and without a car or a license (I failed my driver's test twice) so all the money I earned working at Burger King went into my savings. The pet store worker offers to let me hold him. He must be sensing a potential sale and sees the indecision spread out on my face. 

"I'll pay half," my Mom whispers in my ear and we went home that night with an extra family member. 

This was over eight years ago and I still feel guilty about it. Yes, I love my dog, his name is Ollie, but I wish I wouldn't of purchased him at a pet store. By doing so, I contributed to an industry that exploits animals for business. According to Christine Coughlin, the director of the Minnesota Humane Society, she says "responsible breeders don't sell to pet stores" and that "most quality breeders sell directly to families" in an article published by the Washington Times (Washington Times).

This new ban is a step in the right direction, but there are many more that must be taken in order to improve the pet industry. For example, this law excludes other animals such as birds, rodents, and reptiles who are also exploited. However, this ban sends a powerful message to the industry that these animals deserve better treatment in the future.

Let me know what you think below in the comments. What do you think of Roseville's ban? 


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Joann Stephens
Joann Stephens

August 18, 2017

I also have a similar story of a pet store purchase as does a friend of mine, that was over 20 years ago. Since then, all my pets have been rescues, including the five dogs I currently have.
We bought our dogs because of the horrific conditions they were in. Never again!
I would love to start a movement here in Las Vegas to close down all puppy “torture” boutiques.


March 31, 2017

Yes, I think this law is a good thing! Animals don’t have a voice so we need people to speak up for them and do the right thing for the welfare of all animals!

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