Skin & Coat - 14 oz.

UPC: 793721402467

Mendota Pet's Healthy Skin & Coat dietary supplement contains essential Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and rich antioxidants to improve and maintain your pet’s skin and coat. 

Retrieve Skin & Coat provides nutrients that can have a dramatic impact on skin and coat health by:

  • decreasing shedding
  • removing dry skin flakes
  • reducing excessive scratching
  • improving overall wellness 

Skin is your dog’s largest organ. It acts to protect your dog from injury and infection, plays an important role in regulating internal temperature, and serves as a reservoir for certain nutrients.  Give your dog the shiny coat and healthy skin he deserves.

If your pets are experiencing severe skin conditions, hair loss, Alopecia X, or Black Skin Disease, be sure to check out our line of DERMagic Skin Care products for animals.

Customer Reviews

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Kristen Brown
Mendota Skin & Coat

I've been using the produc t for 12-13 years. My 16- year old American English Coonhound has a great coat and is very healthy and active.

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