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Excellent Quality

These are the same brand our trainers use and recommend. They are great.

Cool little bell

Reminds me of a vintage sleigh bell in appearance mounted on a leather fob. We clip it to the collar of our miniature America shepherd (30 pounds). It’s loud enough to get an adea where he is in the house but not so loud to be annoying. We’re very pleased with the purchase.

Awesome Products!

Just received our leather slip leash in Chestnut, boy I’m impressed. Great quality service and fast delivery. Love this company…. Nothing but the best for my LUCA

Mendota Swivel Slip Leash

Mendota Slip Leash

Absolutely loved this. I have a pittbull/Shepard mix that loves to pull my arm clear off. After a few drills inside and corrections with this leash and gradually working on longer walks, She has remarkably improved on her pulling. Highly would Recommend!!

Nice Mendota leash

Good quality leashes! Love it so much

Corona squeaky toy

My chihuahua loves this toy. It’s well made and she loves the squeak. Colorful and fun.

Good quick service. All was good with the order

Fantastic quality leash. I have confidence that this leash will be around for years. Great craftsmanship. Fun colors. The raspberry is the perfect dark pink for my beautiful girl.

A perfect "grab and go" leash for travel and every day use

These are my favorite leashes by far. No fiddling with clips. Prevents dogs who have learned to slip their collar from escaping. And a special shout out to Mendota Pet. Mistakes can happen. When there was a problem with my order, they responded immediately and got the missing item in the mail on the same day. Love them!

Best loved toy

Our corgi destroyed every toy we got her that had a squeaker. They only lasted a few minutes before she had the squeaker out and completely lost interest. And she care for the nylon indestructible toys. She refused to play with them. But her caterpillar was her baby. She brought it to bed and slept with it. She brought it to you if she wanted to show you she loved you. And she never chewed it up. We bought her one in every color.

She passed away last year and we got rid of all her things except one of her caterpillars. We just brought home our second rescue corgi and she immediately found the caterpillar and immediately loved it! She also sleeps with it and loves it. So now I am ordering the other colors for her.

Excellent lead!

Owner of multiple German Shepherd Dogs; leads are of great quality, holds up to all sorts of weather and conditions -- provides excellent control and signals to walking dogs.

mendota works at 100%

It's not the first time I've bought a mendota and it's always working. My dogs are thrilled. I advise all my friends. Shampoo and lotion must have everything.

Nice quality at a good price

Love your leashes

Great service. Great product.

Great for pack walks!

I am a walker/trainer (socialization, manners) in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I use these for pack walks and they are my favorites. They are sturdy and trustworthy, consistently well made, and comfortable for the dogs. Plus, pretty! Highly recommend


You have a great product and there are no substitutions!

Well he managed to kill the squeakers on both toys. That said he loves both of the throw toys

Excellent product

Mendota Slip Leash - Large 1/2 inch

Well made, nice colors.

Wonderfully made leashes.

Mendota Double Braid Collar - Brass

Amazing slip leads!

I use these at my animal shelter & have gotten several of them! Gorgeous colors & they work perfectly. Will continue to buy them!