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Mendota Rocks!

Love all 3 leashes I’ve purchased! I plan to get started on the collars as well so we can color coordinate 😊

DERMagic All-Natural Conditioner Bars

Mendota 3/8 Slip Leash

Loved our first Mendota Slip Leash so much we ordered two more. One for each door.
Great soft training leash for our little Biewer Terrier, she's only 7 pounds.

Mendota Dog Walker - Large 1/2 inch


I made the review below and it came up 5 stars. I'd give it 1 star based on poor quality and nice looks.

Mendota User Disappointed

I have several Mendota slip leads and snap leads which we use exclusively for our English Setter. I'd read other reviews about this collar fraying quickly, but chalked it up to whining because of the top quality I'd come to expect from Mendota products. Within a day the collar frayed where you put the buckle point into it.the edges began to fray the very next day after taking our dog for a run on trails through the woods. I am completely put off by the above "5.00 out of 5" rating which is based on 17 reviews. Deceptive. You mean to tell me you've only sold a total 17 collars and nobody had an issue. This is NOT what I expect from a quality company that I've faithfully used in the past. Can't imagine what this collar will look like in a month, or 6 months. Bad business, Mendota!

I prefer the cotton feeling to the leash. This leash feels like nylon. It isn’t as soft as the older ones.

Too Nice to Use!

We purchased our most recent slip leashes with the idea of using them as backups in the truck to other Mendota Pet leashes, but the new black leather and corresponding hardware makes these the best looking yet. We will save this set for holidays in town!

Function and Fashion!

This slip leash is tough enough my Irish Wolfhounds but also looks great!

Kind of disappointed

I had high hopes for this leash, but after using it maybe 5 times?? It’s already ripping :( I have had for less than 2 weeks..

The only toy for my dog

This is the only toy my 13y old dog will play with. Just adopted a cat and he loves this too! Ordering our 3rd one!

Reliable leash for busy city sidewalks

Needed a strong rope leash for my 55 lb German Shepherd puppy while we navigate city sidewalks in a residential area. Since he's still training, there are still days here and there when he tries to bite/chew his leash. Unfortunately, on Day 2 of using the Mendota leash, he tried to tug at it with his strong mouth/teeth, and immediately, it resulted in a slight fray on the rope. The leash is probably at 90% of its strength now, so I'll have to pay close attention to the fray as the first month of use goes on.

Great leads

Best lead on the market!

Love it

Got it, use it, love it. And my dog loves it , too.

Love these products

I love these leashes!

Assume product

Great leashes. Best on the market.

Switched to Leather Leashes

While I loved my old Mendota leashes, I found that they were a magnet for pet hair (especially with golden retrievers). So I have switched to the leather leashes and they are great!! A little stiff initially but they are getting softer with each use.

The best toys!

These toys are the only ones my dog likes. He has quite a lot of them too. Well made and fun!

Love it

I have been using WEN Pets and decided to try the Dermagic and was very impressed with the results. My fur baby is silky smooth, soft and clean shiny coat. Will be using Dermagic shampoo & conditioner from now on.

Mendota Slip Leash - Small 3/8 inch

Training Tool

As a Dog Trainer, I love this leash. Easy to use, stays in place, fun colors. Is all I ever wanted

I like the product, but

I think it’s a good product for exfoliating/ conditioning the skin. The reason I gave it a 3 is because it did not come with a uniform consistency. There are large hard chunks in the jar that do not break down. I was expecting a product with a consistency similar to what I have used personally.

Just what I was looking for!

I bought this traffic lead for my beagle who likes to roam around the car while I’m driving - I attached the handle to a loop in my car and this keeps her safely in the back while also allowing her enough room to lay down and stretch out comfortably. It’s also great in a pinch if I happened to forget a leash while out and about. I love the quality and will definitely be purchasing from Mendota again!

Great slip

Mendota thin slips are amazing for training love all the different colors