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Founded in 1994 Mendota Pet has been providing high quality, made in the USA dog leashes and products. Handcrafted in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Mendota’s gear for dogs is built to last, in fact we guarantee it for the life of your pet.


Oomaloo Handmade Toys

Mendota Pet is now the North American Distributor for Oomaloo handmade dog toys. Oomaloo toys are manufactured in Turkey and handmade by women who reside in economically-challenged, multi-ethnic neighborhoods of Anatolia.

Needlework is one of the few ways these women have to earn income and creating these pet toys is one way they can express their creativity and extraordinary skill set. With each beautiful item, they share a part of their history, their culture, and their lives.

Mendota Pet is proud to support these amazing toys and we promise you won’t be disappointed - these toys are some of the most loved, highly-prized, durable toys in the world!