Caterpillar - Handmade Squeaky Dog Toy

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This fuzzy caterpillar might never be a butterfly, but no dog will mind.  With a whopping 3 squeakers inside, this toy is sure to keep a pup (or two) occupied!  These caterpillars are hand crocheted with funky fur yarn for durability and a colorful appearance. Dogs love the soft, furry texture and squishy loud squeakers that come with our toys. While they may just be insects, our caterpillar dog toys are durable for all sorts of play, be it fetching, tugging, or even just squeaking! Available in assorted colors and sizes.
Size:  Medium 7"x2"x2"  Large 10"x3"x3"

Customer Reviews

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Dawn Jurkovich
Love it

Small but cute! My dogs fav toys EVER

My dog's favorite

Really sturdy and squeaky toy. It is my dog's favorite now!

Most beloved toy

I am now purchasing our 4th and 5th caterpillar for our corgi. Every other toy has either been shredded or ignored. The caterpillar is LOVED. She loves all the different squeaks. She loves the chewiness of it. She loves to throw it in the sky, have you take it and throw it, she chases and prances back.

But most of all, she loves it. She takes it to bed with her. She takes it to the front stoop to sit in the sun and watch the world go by, and if you have something she wants badly, she will get her caterpillar and offer a temporary trade.

They are sturdy and well made. It has taken her years to destroy one. We want to make sure there’s one at our daughter’s house and we finally need to replace the last old caterpillar she loved to death.

Richard Polin

Caterpillar - Handmade Squeaky Dog Toy

Cheryl Ross
Caterpillar named Sperkle

My Border Collie Poodle mix just loves it. Probably should have gotten the bigger size as at 7inches could be a little bigger for 35 pound dog. Not a toy I would leave him alone with as wants to pull it apart. Great for interactive play and use for reward in training.

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