10 Clever Ways to Organize Your Pet Gear

It’s fun to place an order for a new lead or collar, lots of handmade dog toys to keep your dog active and stimulated, and all of the health supplements that our dogs require for our pets growing array of health conditions.

But, when that order arrives, do you know where you’ll put it all?

We’ve got some ideas for keeping your pet gear organized and easily accessible. These methods will ensure you’re not hunting for a lead when it’s time for a walk, or to easily grab a traffic leash when you’re answering the door. Best of all, you’ll never lose your dog’s favorite toy!

Organizing gear also helps out your pet sitters, dog walkers and family or friends who help with the care of your pets.   

1 Designate a Drawer

One of the easiest ways to organize gear is to use a dresser storage tower that can be placed near your front door. This gives you plenty of access to grab your things on the way out the door. These drawers can easily hold your dog’s leads, treats, toys and other gear. Depending on how much you have, you may need a drawer for each dog or a full set for each dog. Whichever you choose, make sure you use tags to keep things labeled and easy to find.

Organize Pet Supplies

2 Toy Cubbies for Pets

Organizing your favorite fun toys can be challenging when your dogs are dragging them out at all hours. But, we love these clever bins to organize toys for each of your dogs. These linen bins are easy to clean, easy to access and easy to close. If you have an especially clever dog, you may need to purchase plastic storage with lockable lids, but the point is that they are available! 


Organize Pet Supplies

3 Make a Mud Room Hanger

These personalized dog leash holders mount easily to a wall or door and are a cute way of personalizing your pet’s leashes and treats. Add a mason jar held with a metal bracket to keep treats handy!  

Organize Pet Supplies

4 Over the Door Organizer

We love these easy-to-organize leash holders. Choose from dogs or cats and add a fun little label to personalize it for your family. 


5 Storage Solutions

If you’ve got a collection of toys (and who doesn’t have a collection of pet toys?) you’ll love these bins! These collapsible linen storage cubes are easy to set next to the doggie door and inner cubes can easily organize leashes, collars, and treats for each pet. Be sure to add an “in case of emergency” how to treat your pet in case you have someone coming by to care for them. 

Organize Pet Supplies

6 Over the Door Mount

This over-the-door storage is a very affordable and simple way to keep your pet’s gear in easy reach. These are favorites for hanging over interior doors (we love the mud room or wash room doors). Each pocket can hold your pet’s leads, toys, treats and supplements. You can also designate a pocket per pet to keep multiple pets organized! 

Organize Pet Supplies

7 Repurposing File Organizers

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to keep your pets organized and these file organizers are a great way to do that. Place your pet’s treats and toys in the pocket and clip your leashes to the side. It keeps everything perfectly organized while still giving you full accessibility (and keeping your pets out of their stuff). 

Organize Pet Supplies

8 Closet Storage

These hanging linen closet pouches are perfect for pooches and give your home a stylish look that you’ll love. These are big enough for leashes and a few toys, as well as treats. Get one for a single pet and utilize each pocket for health, love and happiness - or use one for each pet! 

Organize Pet Supplies

9 Single Pets

These hanging organizers are the perfect size for a single pet and saves your door or wall from having to support a lot of weight. These packs are perfect for each pet and can easily be removed and taken along when you go on a road trip with your pets. 

Organize Pet Supplies

10 Pet Benches

Not only are these storage benches great for organizing your pet’s gear, you can use a few of the bins for shoes as well! Not sure your pets will leave the cubbies alone? These fabric storage baskets are excellent for keeping your nosy pets out of their supplies.  

Organize Pet Supplies

We hope these suggestions help you get your pet gear organized and encourage you to order a few more items to add to your collection!

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Organize Pet Supplies