5 Family Friendly Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Spring! The season of renewal, of floral splendor…and for some, sneezes. Allergies may make spring tough, and there’s no reason a dog has to too. So, if you’re looking for a family friendly buddy who won’t be a strain on your system, there’s no better place to start than here with our selection of allergy and kid friendly pups, in no particular order.


  1. Bichon Frise

Bichons are sweet, small dogs that are affectionate and playful. Like all dogs, they need exercise, but due to their small size they can make do indoors with some vigorous play! Bichons are great for kids, due to their energetic and feisty nature. Because they don’t shed, they do need to be brushed and groomed regularly and well.


  1. Portuguese Water Dog

Smart, obedient and playful, the Portuguese Water Dog is another hypoallergenic dog breed that does well with kids. Like Bichons, they do need regular grooming, but they also need mental and physical stimulation and activities, more outdoor than indoor. These dogs are best for active families.


  1. Poodle

The loyal and intelligent poodle is another hypoallergenic breed that does well in a family setting and especially around young children. Regular brushing and bathing is a must for good health, and in terms of activity, poodles aren’t very demanding as long as they get a good daily walk.


  1. Maltese

Maltese are easy going and sweet-tempered little dogs that don’t require much outdoor play if any, so they are best suited for an apartment or house with a small yard. They particularly enjoy chase and can be frequent barkers, but they’re obedient and motivated to please – which makes training them easy! They should be brushed and bathed once a week to look their best.


  1. West Highland Terrier

Another indoor dog, the West Highland Terrier can fulfill many of its needs through indoor play, but does still require at least one walk a day to properly meet its exercise needs. This is a very low maintenance dog, requiring only occasional grooming, though it still, like all dogs, needs a bath and proper dental upkeep. In lieu of a walk, some time spent in a fenced yard does it good too.  


Thanks to:

The American Kennel Club


Photo by April Walker on Unsplash