5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Dogs

Valentine's Day With Dogs
Roses are red,
violets are blue
I’m your best friend;
you’re my best friend, too.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your pets some love. For too long, this holiday has been turned into an overhyped day of romanticism. But, we all know that true love is the bond you share with your dog.
This year, we have some fun ways for you to celebrate this day with your best canine friend and true keeper of your heart.

Long Walk

Give them extra sniffing time with our long leads. Our 15’ leads are ideal for giving dogs plenty of room to run while staying under your control.

Sniffing walks are especially prized among pets. Take your dog to a new area and let them explore. This results in your dog using all of their senses as they sniff and paw and play. It's the perfect way to exhaust them so you can still spend some extra time with your significant other human. 

Couple’s Massage

Did you know that couples massages are available for dogs and their owners? It's true. Massage is the power relaxation tool for pets as well as people.

Many masseuses offer this fun service in your home (and even in a few upscale hotels). It's an ideal way to wind down if you travel with your dog. 

Since travel has been largely off the escapist ticket for the past year, a relaxing massage at home may be just the ticket for rewarding your pet for getting you through a pandemic with your senses intact. 

All-Natural Treats

If dogs appreciate one thing in life, it’s a delicious treat. Make sure you choose a healthy option (which is usually far more enticing to pets anyway). Our Salmon Sticks are the ideal treat for this holiday!

Salmon sticks are filled with rich Omega-3 oils which can help improve your dog's skin and heart health. This is a delicious treat (and high-value training reward) that all dogs will enjoy! 

A Long Hike

A long hike is perhaps the greatest gift you can give your dogs on Valentine’s Day, and since it falls on a Sunday this year, there’s no reason to stay home.

Don’t forget to bring water. Our collapsible dog bowls make it easy to give your pets some refreshment in the wild.

Spa Day at Home

Whether your dogs love or hate baths, they will all appreciate a day of pampering! Here’s how to give your dog a special spa day at home.

You’ll receive plenty of benefits as well - DERMagic Dead Sea bath salts are safe for all omnivorous species. These salts feature pure rosemary essential oil, which can help everyone feel a sense of calm. 

No matter what you do this Valentine's Day, we hope you take some time to celebrate the joy your dogs bring you throughout the year!