8 Types of Walks Your Dog Needs

When it comes to walking your dog, not all walks are the same. It’s important to give your dog a nice variety of walks to help exercise their mind as well as their bodies.

According to expert trainers, there are a total of eight types of walks you can take - and we recommend doing them often!

Intentional Walks

These are some of the more common types of walks, especially during training. They may be focused on going potty, or doing a regular walk to pick up the mail. But, what they have in common is that there is a purpose for taking them.

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Types of dog walks

Stimulating Walks

Dogs usually don’t get as much stimulation as they need, and that’s why mentally stimulating walks are so important.

These types of walks are not focused on discipline or obedience. They are focused on running through the waves at the beach, or pouncing through the river, or just enjoying a new place they haven’t walked before.

Give your pets time to sniff, wander and see all of the amazing things they don’t get to see on “intentional” walks.

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Types of dog walks

Training Walks

Training walks are extremely important, but they can get boring for your dog if you don’t switch things up. You may want to improve their leash manners, stop them from sniffing everyone who passes by, work on obedience, or practice some other new skill. Whatever the goal, it’s important to switch up the lessons and give your dog some variety.

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types of dog walks

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Power Walks

These types of walks can be difficult for the owner, but they are oh-so-important for pets! Power walks are about building muscle, stretching and getting that excess energy out.

If you’ve done a good job on your recall training, you may want to let your dogs off-leash in a safe area to get some of that extra energy out.

If you’re a biking or running enthusiast, this may be your favorite walk as well! Make sure you allow time to stretch (for you and your pets) and use a leash that won’t get tangled when you start moving.

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Types of Dog walks

Sniffing Walks

Sniffing walks are some of our most favorite types of walks! This is when you can let your dog lead the way with that powerful sniffer of his. Let him investigate hidden areas (watch for predators) and navigate the trail by following a game trail or just walking through a park.

Not only does this type of walk help stimulate his important sense of smell, it gives them extra confidence that they are leaders and can handle whatever life throws their way.

types of dog walks

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Friend and Group Walks

Walking with friends, or in a group, is a fantastic way to encourage socialization.

These types of walks may not be for every dog, especially if they are reactive. Be sure you know the dogs you are walking with and give them all some extra time to play.

If you already know your dogs get along, consider our two-dog coupler! This attaches to any snap lead and allows you to walk two dogs on one leash.

dog walks

New Owner Walks

Everyone has a different rhythm to their walk and it’s good for your dog to experience a new type of walker. If you have a trustworthy dog walker or experienced trainer, hire them once a week and let them give your dog a new pace on walks.

Sometimes a new point of view can be helpful! If you have a friend or family member who needs to decompress a bit, this is an ideal time to send them out with your dog.

If your dog is already trained, use the Slip leash on your walks. This ensures they can’t slip out of the lead during a walk and will give you peace of mind while your dog is out with a friend. For small pets, try our EZ Step-In Harness.

types of dog walks

Change of Scenery Walk

We all need change in our lives, even if we don’t admit it. Try taking your dog to the river rather than the park, or through town rather than the park. Hike a new trail or take a path less taken. These are ideal for inspiring confidence in your pets and you may meet some new friends along the way!

There are many stores who allow dogs indoors and this can be a great journey of discovery for a well-behaved dog. Make sure you take doggy bags along and always be respectful of other patrons. For close quarter walking, we love the Traffic leash. It’s only 1.5-foot long and allows you to keep your dog nearby in tight quarters. 

types of dog walks

We hope this gives you some ideas for taking your dogs out on walks. It's one of the most important things you can do for you and your pets! 

8 Types of Walks All Dogs Need