Transform Your Fitness Goals with Pets 🐕

We all know how hard it can be to commit to our New Year’s resolutions. According to one published study by the Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 8% of people stay the course and accomplish their New Years resolutions. Failure rates are roughly 80% when it comes to fitness goals. We all wish to be of sound health and success so if you are a pet owner, just remind yourself the heart felt motivation needed to carry on is just a dog-walk away. An often overlooked source of inspiration can be at right our finger tips. 

Renewed Motivation with New Gear. 

Acquiring new fitness gear can reinvigorate your motivation for exercise. Research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology highlights the 'Endowment Effect,' a phenomenon that connects the perceived value of retail purchasing (ownership) with reinforcement of similar goals. The enthusiasm that comes with investing in new fitness gear, whether for yourself or your pet, can foster a stronger commitment to your exercise objectives. In essence, the combination of fresh gear and novel workout routines may contribute to achieving more positive fitness outcomes.

To help this theory out, we’ve cherry-picked some active-lifestyle Mendota Pet products to help include our four-legged friends in your fitness strides. 

 Mendota Pet 15 Ft Snap Leash, Quick Leash, Two-Dog Couple

1. Mendota Pet 15' Snap Leash After purchasing your new hiking shoes, hit the trails and explore the lovely nature trails nearby. Offering extra room for Fido to forge ahead, this 15' leash allows comfortable visual distance and control. 

2. Mendota Quick Leash Equipped with a swivel head quick release snap, this quick leash is great for jogging and exercising with your dog! 

3. Leather Two Dog Coupler in Chestnut When walking two dogs of similar height and temperament, the Leather Two Dog Coupler in Chestnut is a stylish way to walk multiple(or newer) members of your pack in tandem. Get your steps in style.


4. Apparel: Sunshield Tee & Stretch Fleece Pullover

Two great additions to the Made in the USA brand, these apparel options gives an option to make your pet sporty. For cold weather the stretch fleece is ideal, and the Sun Shield Tee is rated UPF-50 blocking 98% of harmful UV rays.

Mendota Pet Apparel Pics: Stretch Fleece Pullover & Sun Shield Tee

5. Visi-Vest  Think safety when walking in low light conditions. This blaze-orange reflective vest contains 3M Scotchlite™ material and is great for night and day.

Visi-Vest Reflective Blaze Orange Dog Vest with 3M Scotchlite™ Material


Don't Be a Quitter 💪 

"Quitters Day" is the second Friday of January, and is considered the day we flop on our resolutions. Remember that we can include our pets in our fitness transformation and fresh gear can provide us all an extra boost. 👟 

January is still Walk Your Dog Month and with low daylight through spring it is important to be seen 👀. Have fun and be safe out there!