Flea prevention tips for dog owners

Flea prevention is not just important for the health, comfort and peace of mind of your dog – but yours' also! Not only are flea bites irritating and annoying, but they can cause serious health problems, including tapeworms (for which fleas are a natural host), and even allergic reactions that cause your dog to scratch and tear at his skin until he bleeds – which in turn leaves him open to bacterial infections. Fleas also drink your pet's blood, which if left unchecked can lead to anemia. Read on as we give you are top suggestions for preventing fleas from colonizing your canine friend and causing problems later on down the line. And go to https://www.pupsbest.com/ for more dog care tips and advice.

Flea collars, powders and shampoos

There are now many affordable products out there for protecting your pet from flea infestations – and killing off any bloodsucking pests that happen to be hanging around. Flea collars, flea powder and shampoos are the major ones available in shops. With most of them for example the DERMagic’s Diatomaceous Earth Dust, you apply the product every two or three months to keep the fleas at bay. Shop around and find an appropriate product for your dog's needs.


Another very good, fast acting flea control method is the tablets. They mostly come in an attractively flavored tablet or 'chew' form that you feed to your dog and which will keep your lovable canine friend completely flea free for an entire month. A substance called spinosad is the active ingredient in most of them. It provides wide ranging protection against fleas and other parasites as well.


Some dogs just won't swallow tablets. So in that case you'll want to try a different method. One of which is the so called topspots. They are products that you apply to the back of the neck of you pup every couple of weeks in order to keep fleas under control. Though these type of products are a bit more expensive than the aforementioned methods.

Environmental options

Remove all sources of fleas by turning the entire playground of your pooch into a flea-hostile zone. Use flea sprays and foggers to kill not just the adult fleas in your pet's surroundings but also the larvae that will eventually grow into fully fledged adult specimens if left unchecked.

How to manage flea infestations

If, despite your most noble efforts, your dog ends up laboring under a very heavy flea burden, then you'll need to try more drastic methods. You can give him something like a Capstar tablet – that will kill all the fleas on your pooch virtually instantly. And you will start seeing dead fleas lying on the floor within minutes. Vacuum the carpets in your house thoroughly, wash out his bedding and clothes – and combine with an insecticide spray of flea fogger. Once the flea infestation has been repelled, your work is still not done – it may be time to develop a more comprehensive flea control program for your pet so that same situation doesn't happen again in future. Don't get complacent!