Guide to Cleaning Your Mendota Pet Gear

Are you ready for your spring cleaning? We’ve got the dirt on how to keep all of your Mendota Pet leads, collars and toys looking like new!

Cleaning Rope Leashes and Collars

Our rope collars and leads are designed to last a lifetime, so it's important to keep them clean and free from oils that naturally occur on your dog's skin. Luckily, you can keep them looking brand new with a simple wash.

Our collars and leads are made from vibrant, long-lasting multi-filament polypropylene rope that’s treated to protect against UV light. The rope may fade after time or if it's left in the sun, but our UV protection helps slow fading for a long life. 

Did you accidentally leave a lead out in the sun or rain and you're not sure it will return to its former luster? Rest assured that it will! Here’s how to keep them looking new:

  1. Brush off visible dirt and debris.
  2. Place each item in an old pillow case or a thick linen bag with a towel to protect the interior of your washing machine from the brass, nickel and black metallic hardware.
  3. Wash on gentle cycle using a natural detergent. Any type of detergent is fine, but we like to stay environmentally friendly. 
  4. Lay flat and allow to air dry.

Collar Mendota Pet

Cleaning Your OoMaLoo Handmade Toys

You can keep your OoMaLoo Handmade toys clean and looking new with a simple wash. 

  1. Brush off visible dirt and debris
  2. Place in a linen bag to keep everything nice and contained.
  3. Wash on gentle cycle using no detergent or natural detergent
  4. Air dry only. Do NOT place toys in the dryer.

Oomaloo Handmade toys

These toys are all handmade from durable, colorfast fibers, so treat them well and they will last a very long time! 


Cleaning Your Biothane Collars

Our high-visibility Biothane collars are so durable that you don't need to do much at all to keep them clean. Should you find they do need to be cleaned up a bit, the easiest way is to simply wipe down with a damp towel. For stubborn mud and grime, you can wash with a gentle soap.

Biothane Collars and Leads

To do a more thorough clean, fill a sink with mild soapy water and soak your collar for a few minutes. Regular gentle dish soap works great! Remove and allow to air dry. 

Cleaning Your DuraSoft Collars and Leads

Our super-tough imitation leather dog collars and leads are made from a velvety smooth polyester that is waterproof, odor-proof, and mold-resistant. This material is ideal for anyone who loves the look of leather but prefer a softer, more pliable lead or collar. 

Durasoft Imitation Leather Lead

DuraSoft material is one of our easiest to clean options. Simply wipe down with a damp paper towel. Our all-weather, all-terrain collar does the rest!

Cleaning Our Leather Collars and Leads

Our classic leather leads and collars require just a bit more work. For those with our leather collars or leads, we suggest first conditioning the leather to help loosen it as you begin wearing it in.Leather Collar

It will take a very long time for your leather collars and leads to get dirty, but it will help soften the leather to keep it clean and conditioned. 

We suggest using a saddle soap and conditioner designed for leather. Our leather is ultra-soft and incredibly durable, but you'll want to condition it regularly to keep it pliant. 

Use a soft toothbrush to loosen the oils and gently scrub with a saddle soap. Wipe down with a leather conditioner. 

You will probably only need to clean it when oils build up on the collars or handles of leads, which takes a long while to happen.

Guide to Cleaning Pet Gear