How to Keep Dogs Calm on the 4th of July

Our nation’s 245th birthday is upon us! The 4th of July is around the corner, and as always, America is bringing it in with a bang. If your pet suffers from firework anxiety, we have some ideas to help.

For many of our pets, fireworks can provoke fear and anxiety from the unpredictable noise and vibration.

Plan Ahead

While it’s fun to celebrate with friends, you have signed up to be responsible for your pets first.

Create a Safe Area

It’s important for your dog to have a safe, quiet area where they can securely retreat. This may be a crate, a bedroom, under the bed, or closet. In order for this to be successful, your dog must accept the safe area as his own. This takes training and patience.

Use Calm Time

Give your dog this delicious treat approximately one hour before travel, social events, or prior to any potentially stressful event (including fireworks). Safe and effective, this natural calmant is ideal for dogs who are sensitive to fireworks

Calm Time utilizes proven natural remedies (including Chamomile flower, Passion flower, Thiamine Mononitrate, Ginger, and L-Tryptophan) to reduce anxiety in dogs and create a sense of well-being in stressful environments. It is designed to help dogs feel as though they are in calm and friendly surroundings, which helps to promote positive social interactions and safe behavior.

Calm Time is a veterinarian-recommended formulation for use on dogs three months and older.

calm time for dogs

Make Some Noise

As we all know, music can definitely help soothe the savage beast. However, not all music will fact, it’s scientifically proven that classical music can help decrease anxiety in pets.


Specific artists (Beethoven, Bach, Einaudi and others) offer the most benefit. Some artists have researched and compiled the best options for pets and made them available for purchase (and sometimes for free). 

White Noise

Your dog is more sensitive to sound, leaving a fan on high or creating other types of white noise will help your dog relax.

Calming Body Wraps

Thunder Jackets and similar products are made with one goal in mind: calming your stressed out dogs. These lightweight wraps utilize T-Touch points to apply a gentle pressure and relax your dog. 


Pheromones are natural chemicals excreted by all animals that can change the way other animals react. These are a powerful way to relax your pets. There are many types of pheromone-based therapy on the market these days and all are considered safe and effective.  


Preparing your dog for fireworks may be a lengthy process. Go for a long walk or hike in the morning to tire your dog out. Encourage lots of play during the day. Our 15-foot long snap leads are ideal for giving your dog controlled play time on walks!


Prescription Medication

In some cases, it may be necessary for you to work with your veterinarian. The time to consult with a veterinarian is months before the fireworks begin - not hours before the event.

Remember that these types of medication can change your pet's body temperature, making them more susceptible to heat exhaustion. They may also impact your pet's personality and even cause aggression. Make sure you discuss these implications with your veterinarian and monitor your pet closely. 

Stay Home

If you're not sure how your dog responds to fireworks (or you know they respond poorly), please stay home this year. We know it’s tempting to join the crowds on July 4th, but if you have a sensitive dog, it’s best to stay home with your pets. 

No matter what your plans are for the 4th of July, the Mendota Pet family wishes you a safe and happy Independence Day!