Pet Holidays to Celebrate in 2017

January 19, 2017 1 Comment

1. National Dress Up Your Pet Day: January 14

You don’t have to wait for Halloween for an excuse to dress up your pet. Style your dog or cat in your favorite costume on this holiday.

2. Pet Theft Awareness Day: February 14

Thousands of dogs get stolen every year, especially during deer season. Labrador Retrievers and other hunting breeds are targeted in particular. Make sure to keep them safe.

3. Bulldogs are Beautiful Day: April 21

If you have a Bulldog then this is the holiday for you and your furry friend.

4. Hug Your Cat Day: June 4

I’m sure there’s nothing more than your cat wants then a giant hug from you.

5. National Black Cat Appreciation Day: August 2017

Black cats have a bad reputation for being bad luck. This holiday is here to help switch this reputation around.

6. Dog Film Festival Day: October 15

Get the cameras out and start filming. It’s time show off your film on this holiday. Your dog has always wanted to be a star.

7. National Mutt Day: December 2

They may not be purebred breeds, but mutts are still dogs and deserve recognition too.

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Susi Szeremy
Susi Szeremy

February 23, 2017

Let’s remember May 1, National Purebred Dog Day, a day that celebrates the heritage, diversity and predictability of the purebred dog (some breeds now endanger of extinction). Passed by the State of Colorado in 2015. The resolution is now in the legislatures of Connecticut, Illinois and Georgia.

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