Ten Activities To Do with Your Pet

1. Go on a Walk after Dinner

No need to wait for the New Year to establish healthy habits. Start a routine to go on a walk after supper. Not only will your pet love you for this, but your waistline will too. Going on a walk burns calories while also spending quality time with your pet. Cats and bunnies can be trained to walk on a leash too.

2. Make “Petsicles”
Whip up some pet friendly treats in your own kitchen. Both you and your best friend can enjoy these, first empty out an ice cube tray. Then fill it up with watermelon juice and freeze for about five hours. Pop out a cube and serve it on a dish to your pet. For humans, before sticking the tray in the freezer, wrap saran wrap over the tray and put toothpicks in half the cubes. Viola, homemade handles!

3. Find Dog Friendly Parks Near You
Have you ever wondered if there’s any dog parks near you? Good news, there’s an app for that! There are a variety of dog park finder apps available, but one you can download for free is Doggoes. This app will locate parks in your area along with other information such as directions, reviews, and rules of the park.

4. Start up a Social Media Account for Your Pet
Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, has accumulated over 8.5 million likes on Facebook as of March, 2016. She has also been featured on the cover of the New York and the Wall Street Journal. Her famous pout has been created into thousands of memes across the internet. Your pet could be the next media sensation.

5. Make Abstract Art
Grab some non-toxic paint at the store and some paper or upgrade to canvas if you’re feeling fancy. Pour the paint in a bowl and have your pet step in it and press the paw to paper. Hang it up on your wall at home or sell it on Etsy, a website that specializes in selling homemade arts and crafts.

6. Bring Your Dog Camping
Exploring the great outdoors is even better with your best friend in tow. Start off the day with hiking and taking in the sights. Then set up camp and roast marshmallows with your four-legged-friend. Finally, finish off the night with stargazing and then snuggle up in your tent together. You’ll stay toasty warm throughout the night with your furry space heater.

7. Have a Beach Day
Bring your pets along on your next trip to the beach and get more than just their noses wet. Run around the sand, splash in the water, or relax on a towel together. Remember to bring a ball to play fetch in the water.

8. Let Your Pet Pick Out His or Her New Toy
Many stores that specialize in pet products will allow you to bring your companion into the store with you. Try on new collars and harnesses right on the spot and take away the guesswork. Then check out the toy aisle and let your pet take the lead.

9. Take Your Pet Fishing
Whether you’re on a boat, a dock, or a shore, take your pet fishing next time you go. Your pet will get a kick out of watching the fish wiggle around.

10. Practice Doga
Pick up a new hobby with your pet and put the dog in downward dog. Whether you’re already experienced in yoga or a beginner, it doesn’t matter. You and your dog can learn together. There are many tutorial videos on YouTube to get you started, all that is required is a yoga mat. Namaste!