Three Pet Products You Should Check Out

Looking for new products for your pet to try out? DERMagic offers a variety of products designed with your pet’s needs in mind. Whether you’re looking for a new pet shampoo and conditioner or just looking to shop around, DERMagic has something to offer for everyone. Click here to see their website, otherwise continue read to find out more about three of their items below.

Grooming Spritz

dermagic grooming spritz

This is a spray with a fresh scent made of a combination of aloe vera, lemongrass and spearmint to get rid of that “wet dog” scent. This spray is perfect for keeping your dog smelling nice in between washes while simultaneously conditioning and brightening the coat. Also, great for cleaning your dog after a walk outside. All you have to do is spritz it on your dog and brush out any dirt or debris.

Salt Scrub

dermagic salt scrub

If a light spray wont get the job done, then this salt scrub certainly will. This scrub is made out natural sea salts and is full of minerals to release toxins from your pet’s skin. It is also designed to get rid of dandruff to keep your pet’s coat looking clean. To use, first add a cup to warm bath water then scrub some into your dog’s fur, adding more as the salt dissolves. Then rinse well.


Dermagic skin rescue lotion

Lotion isn’t just for humans, dogs can benefit from it too. Just like people, dog’s skin can get dry and itchy which can cause flaking. Massage this lotion into the affected areas, applying twice daily for the first week. This product is made from all natural ingredients such as rosemary and sesame oil so it’s okay if your pet licks off, just put on more.