Tips for Hunting or Hiking with Dogs in Fall

September 23, 2020

Tips for Hunting and Hiking with Dogs in Fall

We’re only a few short days away from cool, crisp mornings and leaves changing color. Whether you enjoy walking the wild trails or heading to the lake for the start of waterfowl season, we are confident you will be taking your dog along with you.

Your Dog's Recall

Before you head out to the wilds, make sure your dogs have a solid recall. Cool fall weather tends to make us all misbehave a bit more than normal. If he doesn’t already have a good recall, you’ll want to pick up one of our 15’ snap leads  or one of our training check cords (available in 20’, 30’ or 50’ lengths). 

Hands-Free for Safety

If you don't love the idea of holding a leash while you're walking or hunting, the Jaeger Lead may be the perfect solution. This long leather lead is a multi-functional design with five different uses. Learn how to use the Jaeger Lead in this video from Dogs Unlimited. 


Plan Ahead

No matter where you reside, seasonal changes are afoot. Make sure you check temps, add layers, and maybe even pack waders. You’ll also want to make sure your dog has a field jacket.

Your dog’s sleek summer coats will still be in the process of growing in, so they may need a bit of assistance to stay warm.

Our Canine Field Jacket

Our Canine Field Jacket was designed for times like these. These lightweight jackets feature an outer shell made from water-resistant 100 denier Cordura® for super durability. The super efficient 100 gram Thinsulate® insulation is water-resistant and features Ripstop inner liner for comfort and durability.

Protect Your Dog's Chest

Depending on your region, your dog may benefit from a Skid Plate™ to help them navigate terrain safely. These provide additional chest and body protection with increased visibility both at a distance and in cover. 

This commercial-grade chest protector helps prevent injuries to your dog and costly visits to the veterinarian.

Stay Reflective

It’s getting dark much earlier these days, so ensure your pets are visible to oncoming cars during your evening walks. Our NightViz collection makes it very easy to give oncoming cars plenty of warning. This extra illumination is especially important if you have dark-colored dogs or dogs who like to sniff around while you’re walking.

If you’re planning to stay in the field, the Visi-Vest’s  blaze orange color and 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material ensures your dog is always visible, whether it’s during the day or at night…in the field or in the city. 

Stay Wild

No matter what your plans include this fall, common sense safety ensures you and your dogs will enjoy your time together. Remember, even if you're not hunting, there are lots of hunters in the woods these days. Keep your dogs visible, controlled and safe so accidents don't occur during duck or deer season.