Veterinarian Stands Up to Outdated Law

Would you punish someone for doing their job right? That is what Dr. John Robb, a veterinarian in Connecticut, is facing after refusing to give pets the wrong dosage for vaccine injections.

He tells News 12 Connecticut in an interview, "You're telling me that if there's a law that would force me to kill my patient I would have to do it? You know what the state board of Connecticut said? Yes." Dr. Robb goes onto say in the rest of the interview that this law is broken and the only way to change it is to break it. 

Dr. Robb used to own a Banfield Pet Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut. He is still allowed to practice, but not allowed to administer the rabies vaccine after the scandal with the state board of Connecticut. However, the corporation that controls the Banfield Pet Hospital franchise still retook ownership from Dr. Robb.

Dana Scott, a pet blog writer for Dogsnaturally, writes that Dr. Robb found out that his former clinic had sent thousands of letters out to his former patients for yet another round of vaccines. In response to this, Dr. Robb has begun a movement against administering the wrong dosage of vaccines to pets. He showed up at his former workplace to warn pet owners which resulted in him being banned from his former clinic.  

This hasn't deterred Dr. Robb however, as he still plans on fighting back and perhaps one day reclaim his practice. Protests are currently being organized. If you would like to remain up to date on this story then you can visit his website, Protect the Pets