10 Tips for Tailgating with Dogs

Football season is well underway and here in the North Star State, we’re ramping up for tailgating season. No matter where you live, football is likely an important part of your fall season. This year, include your dogs in the festivities!

1. Plan Ahead

Your dog absolutely needs a safe place to be during the game as most venues frown on pets. This means, you should make arrangements for someone to pick your dog up before the game starts so he can relax in the comfort of their own home.

2. Hydrate

No matter where you live, making sure your dog has access to enough water is paramount. We all love our alcoholic beverages, but your dog needs fresh, clear water. Make sure he's drinking during the day! 

3. Keep Dogs Leashed

As much as we love our dogs, not everyone at the party may feel the same way. Keep your pets leashed while you’re tailgating. Of course, the best way to do that is with a Mendota Pet leash


4. Puppies Should Only Stay A Short While

Puppies can easily steal the show at a tailgating party and while that’s fun for the owner, it’s not usually great for the pup.

Remember, your puppies need lots of sleep and a tailgating party that sometimes lasts for all day may be too long for them.


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5. Know Their Limits

Your dog may not enjoy the pregame festivities as much as you do! Make sure your dogs are well-socialized with people and other pets before subjecting them to a boisterous crowd.

Keep in mind that other dogs in attendance may not be as well-behaved as your dog, so keep an eye out for unusual or aggressive behavior.

6. Don’t Let Others Feed Them

There are plenty of foods at a tailgating party and that can spell disaster for an excited dog.

Make sure you have not only trained your pet not to accept food from others, but that others know not to feed them.

See tip #3 - if you keep your pet leashed, you will know what he is eating.

7. Never Leave Pets in the Car

Never, ever leave a pet in a car unattended. In the south, this spells immediate disaster as cars heat up quickly.

Up north, it's easy to forget how hot a car can become when the sun magnifies rays. If you feel like you need to leave your dog in a car during a game, you should leave them at home.

8. Dress Appropriately

Show your team spirit while keeping your dog warm! These fun jerseys are great for dogs 

9. Clean Up After Pets

Don’t leave dog waste for others. If you don’t always have eco-friendly doggy bags in your pocket, you may want to leave your dogs at home. Nothing breaks up a party faster than someone stepping in dog waste.

10. Check the Weather

Keep your pets safe during extreme temps, and make sure they have paw protection if necessary. The southwest can see temps of 100+ degrees in summer, and the north can get mighty cold. Make sure your pets are as comfortable as you!