Guide to Summer Fun 2024

As the cicadas are brooding and summer approaches, it's the perfect time to plan fun activities that include our beloved pets. How can we make sure our dogs enjoy the season as much as we do? From recent trends observed in both urban and rural areas, here are some great ideas to help plan your next summer adventure with your furry friend. 

Off-Leash Dog Bars 🍸One essential tip for enjoying summer with your furry friends is a familiar one: always stay hydrated. A rising trend in urban areas if off-leash dog bars, which provide safe and secure areas for humans and pets to socialize. These bars allow dog owners to chat with other pet lovers while their dogs enjoy off-leash playtime with toys, kiddie pools, and even agility courses. Such socializing helps build community and reduce stress, with cold drinks and snacks nearby. Quench your thirst at these dog-friendly social bars and meet some new friends. 🐾

If off-leash bars aren't your thing, use apps like BringFido or BarkHappy to find dog-friendly patios. Many restaurants now offer shaded outdoor dining areas with pet-friendly menus and fresh cold water for your pooch. Breweries are another excellent option, often featuring pet-friendly shaded areas that are bustling on weekends. Just remember to follow house rules and keep your dog's leash handy at all times.

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Dog-Friendly Festivals 🎪Many cities and neighborhoods host both outdoor and indoor events such as music festivals and art fairs. These well-planned attractions serve as unique platforms for dog adoptions and fundraising for the arts, community projects, or animals in need. Be mindful of pavement and asphalt temperatures; if it's too hot, consider heading to pet-friendly boutique stores and dog-friendly malls for walks in a shaded climate-controlled environment. 🥵 

Urban Hiking & Walking Trails🦮 During the intense of heat of summer, it's best to exercise your pet in the early morning or at sunset. Explore shaded urban trails and local parks with cool grass, avoiding peak sun exposure hours. Some parks even offer dog-friendly beaches for swimming or splash pads to help your pup stay cool.

If your pooch enjoys playing in mud or water, consider our Mendota Durasoft Imitation Leather Leash or dog collars which are waterproof for easy clean-up and combat against wet odors. Always be mindful of pet exhaustion and know when it's time to head indoors for a well-deserved siesta.😴   

Mendota Pet Durasoft Imitation Leather Leash & Collar in Brown Color


We collected a few cool ideas from our Mendota Pet employees for summer fun with their dogs  

Dog BBQ 🍗"With dog friends and neighbors alike, try going the whole nine yards with sending out invites, especially if it's a dog's birthday Don't forget the party hats, pooch popsicles, and dog cupcakes-even a kiddie pool to help cool them off!" -Dave

Sunset Picnic 🌅 Head over to your favorite grassy knoll and just people-watch with your dogs on a picnic blanket. "I would say a picnic about an hour before dusk offers my dogs the mental stimulation they need and helps them feel a part of the community. I love watching how observant they are, seeing everyone enjoy their walks." -Peter

Spa Date 🧖🏽‍♀️ 🥒 "Occasionally I'll pamper my dog to a spa day using the Mendota Pet Anti-Dandruff  Salt Scrub before a bath. I put on some spa music, change the lighting, and even slice the cucumbers to go over my eyes. I'll do my face's fun for the dog too!" -Sue

Dock Diving 🦆 "My dog likes jumping into water fetching his duck-training dummy. Occasionally, when there is an open weekend at a local dock diving pool, we take Enzo for an hour or so to retrieve and get ready for fall hunting." -Josh


Summer Gear Essentials: Top Picks
Mendota Pet Summer Gear Essentials Top Picks

1. Mendota Pet Seasonal Snap Leash in Beach Ball Color.

-New in 2024 & part of our Holiday/Seasonal leash color lineup, Beach Ball is one of our most popular new colors!

2. Mendota Pet 15 Ft Snap Leash in Pride Color. 🇺🇸  Red, White, & Blue!

3. Mendota Pet Large Slip Lead 1/2" in Night Viz Blue. Stay safe and be highly visible at night.


DERMagic by Mendota Pet Summer Skincare Essentials

DERMagic Summer Essentials 


Don't forget about summer time skin care to help keep your pets looking and smelling fresh!

1. Lemongrass Spearmint Grooming Spritz

Part of the DERMagic Skin Rescue Line, this fresh smelling spray will combat any wet odors between bathing and helps prevent hair matting- just spray and brush gently into your pets fur.

Helps heal cracked paws and dry skin and restore moisture while soothing irritated skin.

3. DERMagic Skin Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Combo

Also part of the DERMagic Skin Rescue Line, the premium shampoo bar with sulfur and Neem oil will help combat pet skin issues and soothe irritated skin. The conditioner helps soften fur, leaving your pet shiny and fresh. 


As you plan your summer adventures, remember that incorporating your furry friends can make the season more enjoyable. With Mendota Pet's high-quality products, you can ensure your pet stays comfortable, healthy, and happy throughout all your activities. So, gear up, stay hydrated, and make this summer unforgettable for you and your canine companion! 🐶