5 Dogs Keeping Us Entertained During Quarantine

Dogs Keeping Us Entertained During Quarantine

If you’re one of the millions staying home due to the “Shelter in Place” mandate (and we hope you are), it’s possible that you’re not sure what to do with yourself.

It’s even more possible that your pet doesn’t know what to do with you.

Quarantine isn't all bad - it's a great time to enjoy your pets. Here are some fun ways people are doing exactly that (while also keeping us entertained during the age of coronavirus). 

1. Grooming Fun

This is Hank the Newfoundland. Each morning, his owner does his hair in a different way. He has an abundance of fur to practice styling techniques on and the patience of a saint.

Let's see what your dogs look like after a DERMagic shampoo! 


 2. Spring Flower Photography

We love taking photos of our pets, and we love it even more when we can do something fun them (like add spring flowers). This is a great time to head outdoors with plenty of treats and have some fun taking glamour shots of your dogs. 




 3. Dogs Learning New Tricks

Here's one cute pup who is very proud of his newest trick! 



Every dog should know how to do a trick of some type. It doesn't have to be a complex trick - it could be as simple as heeling (which is very valuable while walking your dog), learning to come when you call, staying in one place, giving you their paw, or even taking food gently. 

We have all the equipment you need to make that happen! Our 15' check cords are ideal for teaching your dog to stay or come, and our 6' leads are perfect for keeping the perfect social distance. 

If you're not too sure how to train your dog, there are millions of dog-training videos online. Head on over to YouTube or Instagram for the latest clips. Training helps your dog use his mind as well as his body, which means a better-behaved dog and a happier environment!   

4. Sing-along With Pets

Not confident of your singing voice? Don't worry - the app called MyTalkingPet makes it easy. Just take a photo of your pet, animate it (the app makes it easy) and sing your song - you can adjust the pitch and voice to match your pet. 

This adorable song was written specifically for us by a fan of DERMagic!  


 5. Formal Walks

No matter how focused you are on quarantine, you and your dogs need some fresh air. So, why not have some fun while you're doing it? This man has discovered that costumed dog walking can brighten everyone's day! 


Let us know if you spot any other fun ways to keep you and your dogs entertained during lockdown!