Halloween Yard Decor Featuring Dogs

Halloween Yard Decor Dogs

Halloween is just around the corner! If you're wondering how you can win that neighborhood Halloween decorating contest this year, we wanted to inspire you with some yard decor that feature dogs and other animals.


There are lots of great new "skeletons" on the market these days and we love the creative ways they are used to declare your love of dogs and still stay in the Halloween Spirit! 

Halloween Yard Decor Dogs

Project Details: Home Stories

Dog House Decor

Decorating your dog's house (or buying one TO decorate) is a fun way to show that your dog is part of the family! 

Halloween Yard Decor Dogs

Project Details: GrandinRoad

Walking the Dogs

Add some details to your yard by complementing your skeletons with different species! Combining different elements will get you into the Halloween spirit. 

Halloween Yard Decor Dogs

Project Details: GrandinRoad

Have Fun With It

Halloween is all about having fun with your decor. Incorporate your favorite movie or book into your yard theme. We love how this person added a 101 Dalmatians theme to their front yard. Cruella Deville is a fun way to let others know you have a pack guarding your home! 

Halloween Yard Decor Dogs


Ghost Leaf Bags

Clean up leaves and decorate your yard in one easy step! These fun Halloween-themed Ghost Leaf Bags are simple to make and the whole family can enjoy some time in the cool air. 

Halloween Yard Decor Dogs

Project Details: Our-Everyday-Art

The Hunt

Add a new giant horse skeletor to your Halloween yard decor collection. This giant horse stands six feet tall and even lights up with spooky red eyes! We love how they added their hunting dogs to the scene. 

Halloween Yard Decor Dogs

Project details: Home Depot

Raven Halloween Porch

This simple design is ideal for the front porch and costs nearly nothing to create! Recreate a moment from The Birds and dress up your front porch in a creative way! 

Halloween Yard Decor Dogs

Project Details: Create-Craft-Love

We hope these fun ideas have inspired you to dress up your yard in a way that includes your best friend!