Ways To Keep Dogs Warm This Winter ❄️

The arrival of freezing conditions often drive people indoors, embracing warmth and comfort. Dog owners however, tend to lead longer, more enriched lives by dutifully walking our four-legged companions outdoors regardless of weather. Dogs and cats and other pets in our care must rely on human help in overcoming the challenges of winter. Here are some basic tips on how to make our pets more comfortable alongside us through winter.

Stay Ahead Of Weather

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Being proactive and educated is key in staying ahead of winter weather. On days and nights of extreme cold try to limit your pets time outside to 30 minutes for medium-sized dogs above 20°F, and 15 minutes for small-sized dogs.  Small dogs show signs of discomfort sometimes below 50°F and may benefit from an added layer of fleece for supervised time outdoors beyond 15 minutes. Some breeds and larger dogs relish the change in outdoor colder temps and that is fine under supervision.
Amid rain, snow, or wind chill advisory we should limit exposure to shorter walks for bathroom breaks. Dress pets accordingly and if necessary, refocus attention to inside activities to occupy our pets with home exercise or lively play like with Oo Ma Loo Toys.  
Hazardous Conditions

When the sleet and ice come it is important to think of our elderly pets who might be suffering from aches and discomfort and the difficulties with arthritis. When permissible, keep your sidewalks clear of snow and ice and know the hazards of winter may not be just the conditions. Roads and sidewalks may have salt on them so make sure any outdoor pets do not consume these and always keep a watchful eye. Develop good habits to clean salty paws when re-entering the home.

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Bring Them Inside Where It’s Warm

Respiratory illness is more common this season so maybe minimize socializing pets. Be on the lookout for symptoms of sickness and bring them indoors until fully recuperated. Offer thick warm blankets and gate or seal off areas of cold drafts. Indoor air might be drier so offer adequate hydration as well.  

For outdoor-housed hardy dog breeds always make sure to gauge temps night and day and know when to bring them indoors. Offer extra food and bedding. Be sure to weigh your pet often. Pay attention to breed-specific issues and keep ears clean and warm.  

Always dry your pets hair to avoid matting and brushing their coats regularly removes dead hair.  Additionally using our DERMagic Cell Restoration Cream will help with skin dryness throughout the winter. And in between bathing, our wonderfully scented Lemongrass Spearmint Grooming Spritz aids against odors.  

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 Regular walks year-round are key to avoiding health issues and obesity so be sure to meet this winter's challenge by keeping your pets active. Keep them dry and don’t forget paw protection. Trend towards indoor activities on the coldest of days and know when it's time to head inside and snuggle. Your companions' health will reward your own health in return.