Real Life Super Dogs

The saying goes that a dog is man's best friend. These next four dogs will prove that this is true. Here are four stories of dogs that went above and beyond to protect the people they love. 

1. Search and Rescue


Peanut, a former rescue, turned the tables when she did some rescuing herself. CBS News reports that Peanut, normally a quiet dog, started barking loudly and wouldn't stop. Perplexed, the owners followed their mixed-breed pup outside. She led them to a ditch and found a little girl curled up in a ball shivering. The owners covered her up and called the police. The girl has since been moved into the care of Child Protective Services. 

2. Gator Problems


In an article written by the Brain Skewer, an elderly woman was walking her dog in Florida around 9:00 P.M. She slipped on the slick grass and dislocated her shoulder and broke her nose. While she laid there unable to get up, her dog Blue, an Australian Blue Heeler, stayed by her side. Then she heard something move out from the water and Blue started growling, it was an alligator. As the creature moved closer to Ruth, Blue stood his ground and continued his barking and growling. Then a fight broke out between the two. Blue managed to fight the gator off, but was hurt in the process. The noise of the altercation attracted the attention of Ruth's daughter and husband as they were returning home. Both Ruth and Blue were both rushed to the doctor. Both required surgery, but made a full recovery. 

3. Frozen Forest

frozen forest

There is another story of a little girl being rescued by a dog. In Poland, a three-year-old girl wandered away from her home with the local stray named Czarue. They entered the nearby forest, but when night came they got lost. The temperature plummeted into freezing temperatures and the situation became dire. The little girl's grandmother, Danuta, realized she was missing and went to get help. A large search party was quickly formed and they spread out starting from her home to find her. As the party drew near to the girl, they were able to hear her cries and found her. She was curled up with the dog on the forest floor. She was later treated for frostbite, but it could've been much worse if the dog had left her. The town's fireman stated to the Daily Mail that, "This dog is the most important part of this story, he is a hero. It is thanks to this dog that the girl survived the night." His body heat kept her alive. Czarue is now a celebrated hero in the town.

 4. House Fire

house fire

From CBS News comes a story of dog that saved his owner from a house fire. In the middle of the night, the neighbors awoke to barking. The barking was coming from Che, the owner's dog, and they discovered the owner's house was on fire. They immediately called 911. When firefighters entered the home, they discovered Che laying on top of her owner both unconscious, shielding her from the flames. They were both rushed from the scene to receive medical attention. Che is recovering from smoke inhalation while his owner remains in critical condition.