Eight Fun Summer Activities To Do with Your Dog

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. At last, summer is upon us. Make sure to enjoy the season before the leaves turn and fall to the ground. If you have a dog, then there's no one better to enjoy it with. Dogs like summer just as much as people do. Read on to find out some ways to celebrate it with them.

1. Run Through Sprinklers

dog and hose

You're never to old too run through the sprinklers. Cool off from the summer heat by getting wet and wild with your four-legged-friend.

2. Visit the Beach

dog on beach

Go visit a beach, whether it be on a lake or ocean. The beach is one of the best places to be at during this season. Get out and build a sandcastle with your dog.

3. Explore New Places


Go check out someplace you've never been before with your furry friend in tow. Go find a new trail to hike and take in the sights. Camp out overnight if you want to.

4. Go to the Farmer's Market


Instead of your standard walk, take a stroll through the farmer's market with your pet and browse the fresh produce.

5. Throw a Frisbee at the Dog Park


A dog park is good place to visit to make new friends for both humans and pets. Bond over chasing after Frisbees and tennis balls. 

6. Host a BBQ


Have your friends come over and invite their pets as well. Everyone can have a party together in the backyard. If you don't have a yard, meet up at a park with grills.

7. Or Eat Out

dog out to eat

If you don't feel like cooking, bring your dog out to a restaurant for bite to eat. Many restaurants allow dogs to be on the patio. Call around ask if any of your local restaurants are dog-friendly. 

8. Go on a Bike Ride


This may not work for all breeds, but if your dog is small enough, you can go on a bike ride together. Hitch a bike trailer up that used for towing small children around to the back of your ride and hit the tar. Dogs are pretty much are kids anyways.