Trick or Treat: Your Guide for a Safe Dog Halloween

I think we can mostly agree that Halloween is not the most pet-friendly of holidays. After all, doorbells are ringing, doors are being open and closed, there are stressful Halloween costumes, kids who are dressed as anything but kids, and people trying to scare you - it can all be overwhelming for your pets.

In a perfect world, dogs would stay at home in a relaxing environment - away from kids, noises and dangerous treats. But, there are some who insist on taking their dogs along with them when they visit homes on old Hallows eve.

For them, we opted to put together a few suggestions to keep the night as safe as possible.

Stay Reflective

When you plan on going out at night, be sure you and your pets are visible and easy to see. There are far too many kids and pets hit by cars on Halloween, and we want to make sure you all get home safe.

One of our most visible collars is the Duraflect Synthetic collar. This versatile, mold-resistant collar will give your dog that extra visibility they need in low-light conditions.

duraflect Collar

Whether you are walking your dog in town during twilight in the field at dawn, the Duraflect collar is ideal for making your dog more visible to oncoming traffic.

All of our reflective patterns in leads and collars are available in three colors:

The Mendota Pet Visi Vest is also very helpful when walking your dogs at night. Our Visi Vest helps keep your dog reflective in order to avoid injury in the field or the city.

Reflective Leads

The Visi-Vest’s blaze orange color and 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material ensures your dog is always visible, whether it’s during the day or at night.

Choose the Proper Lead

Choosing the proper lead is very important on Halloween - especially if you decide to take your dog out. Don't allow your dog to wander or weave their way around trick-or-treaters.

Our 1.5-foot traffic lead is ideal for keeping your pets right at your side.

Traffic Lead

Always Have an Escape Route

There's no telling what might scare your dog on Halloween. Rustling candy bags, scary costumes, weather or just about any other mundane issue can serve as a trigger on Halloween. 

The kids they love are now unrecognizable and they have only their nose to sniff out any shenanigans. Just as you have a dress rehearsal for a play, you should have one for your dog’s first Halloween.

Always have an escape plan in case a simple trigger results in a culmination of triggers. Always stay vigilant to potential issues (including kids pushing one another, running past your dog, or reaching out to pet your dog while in costume).

During any walk, practice having escape plans in your mind.

Stay Home

If you choose to stay at home (or keep your pets home), make sure you keep them safe by following these tips:

  • Create a calming designated area Secure your pets Remove any candles or diffusers
  • Do not diffuse essential oils or use room deodorizers
  • Keep candy and treats out of reach
  • Give them a new toy or treat to try
  • Use a calmant - there are thousands on the market that range from BCBD to re cedar 
  • Turn on the TV or radio. 

Costume Safety

Most importantly, if you choose to have your dog wear a costume, make sure it's comfortable, safe, non-flammable, and temporary. That means, take your photos and then take off your dog's costume.

You'll also want to avoid elaborate "scary" costumes. These come in many forms and have resulted in injured dogs when people panic. This video of a "mutant" spider dog demonstrates how scary they can be to people. 


No matter how you choose to celebrate Halloween, remember that your dog's safety (and the safety of others) should always come first... 

Mendota Pet hopes you have an incredible holiday! 

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