10 Dogs Living Their Best Lives

We know that pandemics, quarantines and curfews are a drag, but one thing we can do safely is take our dogs out for an adventure in the wild.

Nothing cures what ails you like exploring a tidal pool on a rocky beach or surveying the wide open vistas in the rockies, lifting pine needles from your dog's coat as a cool breeze passes over you.

If you can't get out for an adventure, you can still follow dogs who are out there living their best lives. Today we're looking at a few instagrammers who have discovered beautiful dog-friendly trails and places to visit.

Petite Pokey

You don’t have to be big to explore. This feisty boston terrier will have you smiling all day long with her adventures in the city of San Francisco.




Coonhound, super mutt - this adventurous dog will have you exploring the state of Minnesota in no time.

Lucy Lou the Rescue Dog

Take in the beauty of our nation by exploring the wilds of Wisconsin and amazing national parks with an Aussie/APBT/Boxer-mix named Lucy Lou and her pack.


This pack of pups will have you amazed as they train for their adventures in paradise.




Hunting, hiking, pulling, packing and pups - what could go wrong? This clever dog will have you howling at his antics! 




A golden retriever and hungarian vizsla live their best lives in Kent, Great Britain!




Venture to Parque Arauco, Chile and meet the dogs that visit the PetVibes store! These clever canines know where to go for the best adventures and ultimate equipment. 





Blazing trails with the pack in Santa Clarita, California. This pack loves to traverse the trails and socialize with neighbors! 



My Woof Tahoe

These clever canines live their best lives exploring the California countryside and coastal region! 




Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii! Kona is a sea-faring dog who loves to paddleboard and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Pacific. 




Mendota Pet

Follow us on instagram @MendotaPet and whether you're on an adventure or staying home to enjoy your family, be sure to tag us at #MendotaPet so we can share your dog's best life! 

Whether you're away on an adventure or staying home to enjoy your family, be sure to tag us at #MendotaPet so we can share your dog's best life!