Creating the Perfect Pet Gift Package

The holiday season is upon us and that means lots of dogs will soon be in new homes. Whether you are adopting a senior dog or purchasing a puppy, we want to give you some ideas for the best gifts for your newest family member.

One thing that new pet owners don’t always think about is properly measuring their pets. Choosing a lead and collar is largely dependent on size and purpose. If you’re adopting a puppy, you may need a small collar at first, but remember it only takes about six months for dogs to reach their adult size. That’s why you should have a new collar ready to go!

Mendota Pet products are some of the most flexible around. Our double-braided and center ring collars are perfect for growing dogs and can easily be adjusted as your dogs mature. But, some things are very specific to your individual situation, which is why we have some suggestions!

New Puppy Gift Ideas

For new puppy owners, there are some basic supplies you’ll need for your pets:

  • Collar: The Double-Braided collar is the most versatile collar on the market for new pet owner as they adjust out to a variety of sizes. If you’re ordering for a puppy, be sure to size for the dog you will have in six months, not the size of the puppy you have now. Our Black Metallic hardware adds a stylish look to any color! 
  • Slip lead: The slip lead will be incredibly important as your dog grows and becomes more “eligible” for training. ***Make sure you read up on how to properly use a slip lead before purchasing!
  • Play: Play time is very important to young pups, but toys should only be given under supervision. Puppies have a way of getting themselves into trouble with toys when they aren't watched closely. Choose larger toys that your puppy can use under supervision - our toys feature ultra-strong squeakiest (which puppies love) and are available in many sizes. The perfect holiday toy is our Christmas Ball (Pro-tip: wrap it up and let your puppy unwrap it!)
  • Chew Stopper: Puppies love to chew, but our all-natural no-chew spray can be used on any washable surface, indoors or outdoors. Since it is water-based, it can even be applied on wounds or bandages!
  • Training Sticks: Give your puppy the proper motivation to learn with our Salmon Training Sticks. Made from real Atlantic Salmon, these delicious sticks are rich in Omega-3 oils which is beneficial to your dog’s health.
  • DERMagic Spritz: Keep your puppy's new coat fresh and soft all winter long. DERMagic’s Skin Rescue Grooming Spritz is ideal for daily use and helps soften your pet’s fur, while keeping their skin fresh and smelling clean.

new puppy gift guide

Gifts for Adolescent Dogs

Your adolescent dog is going to require some specific items for training - in fact, adolescence is the most important training time in your dog's life. 

  • Slip Lead: Start out with one of our Slip Leads as they are ideal for training young dogs on the go!
  • Snap Leash: Whether you select the 6-ft lead, the 4-ft, the 1.5’ traffic lead or our long 15-ft leads, snap leashes are ideal for an afternoon walk on the beach or while hiking through the woods.
  • Traffic Lead: The traffic lead is also excellent for teaching your younger dog not to jump from the car when the door opens, or just to keep close in areas of high traffic.
  • Collar: We recommend sizing up at least two sizes from your dog's neck measurement to allow the collar to fit over largest portion of your dog's head. For long-haired dogs who are fairly well-trained, we love the rolled leather collar to keep fur from getting matted around the neck. This collar is available as a slip or buckle, depending on your dog’s experience and training.
  • Long Lead: Our long leads are ideal for teaching your young dog commands like, “stay”, “come”, and more.
  • Toys: Playtime is just as important as work. Just about all of our toys are ideal for adolescent dogs who love to play! You will love how fun they look scattered across your floor Christmas morning, while your dogs will love the soft material and super loud squeaks!
  • DERMagic Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars: Young dogs love to get into everything, so teaching them early on that baths are an acceptable part of life is key to happy puppyhood. We love DERMagic solid shampoo and conditioner bars because they are perfect for storage and easy to use. Just hold your squirming dog with one hand while you shampoo with the other hand. The Lemongrass-Spearmint collection is ideal for young, sensitive skin! 

Gifts for adolescent dogs

Gifts for Senior Dogs

Shopping for senior dogs is a snap with our huge selection of snap leads! You can’t really go wrong selecting a lead for a senior dog, just choose the colors you think they will love and a matching double-braided, leather, DuraFlect or Biothane collar to match.

  • Toys: Choose a toy that matches your dog’s size - nearly all of our toys are available in multiple sizes. Large dogs love large toys and small dogs love their smaller toys. We especially love this adorable gingerbread man toy for the holidays!
  • Glucosamine 2X with Chondroitin: All senior dogs can benefit from this important supplement. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are recommended for support of healthy hips and joint function for dogs. These tablets help to maintain joint flexibility and may alleviate aches and pains associated with or after daily exercise.
  • Dermagic Dead Sea Salt Scrub: DERMagic Dead Sea Salt Scrub not only helps remove old dead skin cells, it may offer your senior pet some relief for achy joints during the cold winters. Our all-natural blend of salts make an excellent soak for senior pets or any dog who may be feeling stiff from extra work or the cold of winter. 

Gifts for Senior Dogs